Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S

Yokohama Tires in Chicago, IL

Why Buy Yokohama?

For a reliable, safe, and stylish tire that can handle both dry and wet road conditions with ease, then Yokohama tires are for you. With a reputation for excellent performance in motorsports, Yokohama tires are designed to handle the road with ease. Every tire is created after extreme testing to ensure drivers are able to easily handle their cars in any situation.

More About the Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S

The Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S is designed to bring your vehicle all-season traction with a smooth, quiet ride. The asymmetric tread pattern, wavy sipes, and serpentine and straight grooves allow for water to be quickly removed for optimal grip on the road. This tire is also designed with extra-large performance shoulder blocks to enhance cornering as well as large blocks to maximize stability. The Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S is ideal for both performance cars and passenger cars.

Why Choose Suburban Tire?

at Suburban Tire, we are experts at helping you select the perfect tire for your car, SUV/crossover, van, or truck. Our team will take the time to learn about your driving patterns and guide you to the tire brand and model to meet your needs. We have a high standard for quality, so you will only find the very best tire brands at our shops. Give us a call or stop by one of our five locations, and we will be happy to help you with your next tire purchase. Don’t forget to ask us about our various tire warranties as well as options for free tire rotations and free tire replacements!