Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country

Uniroyal Tires in Chicago, IL

Why Buy Uniroyal Tires?

If you are looking for an affordable, quality tire with long treadwear and road grip that you can depend on, then a Uniroyal tire is the choice for your vehicle. Uniroyal has been around for decades and is one of the most trusted tire companies in the country. These tires have a reputation for lasting for many years and thousands of miles, so you can always count on getting the most bang for your buck with Uniroyal.

Is the Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Right for You?

The Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country is equipped with all-season traction and off-pavement traction thanks to the open tread grooves and full tread depth built into its design. With its DuraShield construction and Tru-Form technology, the Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country offers maximum durability and even treadwear. This tire is ideal for SUVs and light trucks.

Why Choose Suburban Tire?

At Suburban Tire, we are the experts when it comes to working with you to choose the best tire for your car, crossover/SUV, van, or truck. No matter what vehicle you drive, you can be confident knowing that we only sell the highest quality tire brands in the industry. Call one of our five locations today, or feel free to stop by and one of our tire specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t forget to ask us about our many options for tire warranties!