Pirelli P6 Four Seasons

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The Pirelli Experience

Pirelli is your Italian-made trendsetter in style, performance, and sustainability. With Pirelli’s advanced engineering and innovative designs, you will be at the forefront in tire technology. Any car, light truck, motorcycle, or motorsport vehicle that’s equipped with a set of Pirelli tires is automatically enhanced for optimal performance. Whether you’re on the road, street, or track your Pirelli tires put you at the front of the pack. Pirelli’s enhance your driving experience, and making it everything you expected and more. Choose a new set of Pirelli tires for a new and better driving experience.

P6 Four Seasons

The P6 Four Seasons is the dependable tire for year-round driving. The unique tread pattern of the P6 Four Seasons provides increased comfort with every road trip. Whether you’re riding on the P6 Four Seasons in the dead of winter, or the height of summer road travel, you can have the same confidence in your tires. Dependable tires are a key to worry-free travel and they open up the opportunities for your next expedition. Across snow-filled and wet road conditions, the P6 Four Seasons tire will always enhance your vehiclĂ© handling and control. Pirelli’s P6 Four Seasons tread wear design maintains vehicle comfort and control.

Suburban Tire

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