Our Standard Tire Warranty

Free Replacement for 30 Days, Plus a Generous Replacement Policy for the First Year

If a tire bought from Suburban Tire has any damage which, within 30 days of purchase, is deemed to be unsafe or unrepairable based on industry standards, we will issue you an in-store credit towards the purchase of a new tire equal to the original purchase price of the tire. For the remainder of the first year, the in-store credit will be reduced by $10 for every month that you’ve owned the tire. If you want peace of mind for more than a year, consider buying our 5 year No-Hassle, No-Fault Free Tire Replacement Warranty detailed below.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most of the tires we sell are warranted by their manufacturer against premature wear out, and against workmanship and materials defects. If your tire fails to deliver the warranted mileage before the tread is worn to 3/32 of an inch, you will receive an in-store credit toward the purchase of a new tire. The credit amount will be calculated by multiplying the original purchase price of the tire by the number of miles you drove on the tire, then dividing that amount by the warranted mileage. If your tire becomes unserviceable due to a workmanship or material defect, the amount of the in-store credit will be calculated by multiplying the original purchase price of the tire by the average percentage of usable tread remaining on the tire. The usable tread is defined as the remaining tread less 3/32nds of an inch.

Additional Charges on Replacement Tires

The terms of this warranty cover the actual tire only. You will be charged standard installation fees for the replacement tire, including mounting and balancing, TPMS service kits, Tire Tax, Sales Tax, and an Environmental Disposal Fee on the scrap tire. We reserve the right to charge additional labor when servicing vehicles with cranky TPMS sensors, dual truck tires, any tire weighing 50 pounds or more, any tire with a rim diameter of 18” or larger, or any tires with an aspect ratio of 50 or less.

For more information on our Nationwide Limited Roadside Hazard Plan Click Here.

“Policies effective as of July 23rd, 2015. Parts purchased and labor completed prior to this date are excluded.”