5-Year, No-Hassle, No-Fault Tire Replacement Warranty

When a tire goes over to the dark side, you don’t care why, you just want it off your car. Over the years we’ve replaced thousands of tires for FREE through our No-Hassle, No-Fault Free Tire Replacement Warranty. If a tire bought from Suburban Tire is defective, damaged beyond repair, or otherwise unusable, and you purchased our 5 Year No-Hassle, No-Fault Free Tire Replacement Warranty for that tire, we will issue you an in-store credit towards the purchase of another tire. The in-store credit will be equal to the purchase price of the replacement tire, up to a maximum of $250 per tire.

A Few Provisos and Quid Pro Quos

To cover our costs of labor, when we give you a free tire you will have to pay for mounting, balancing, TPMS services, and disposal of the scrap tire. Also, the State of Illinois demands that we collect Tire Tax and Sales Tax on each tire that rolls out our door, so expect to shell out a couple of bucks to cover these items.

As much as we’d like to press a button and have you and your car magically appear at our store, we can’t force you to bring your car to us so we can take care of your tires. So to keep this warranty in force, it’s your responsibility to ensure that:

If you have not taken care of these responsibilities, the following are not covered by this policy:

The following are not covered under the terms of this warranty:

“Policies effective as of July 23rd, 2015. Parts purchased and labor completed prior to this date are excluded.”