Michelin Premier LTX

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Michelin’s superior engineers have designed the Premier LTX, a top quality SUV/Crossover tire. This is the tire you need for safe travel across a variety of road conditions in all seasons. Keeping you safe on the road is part of Michelin’s Total Performance promise, and the Premier LTX allows you to experience higher levels of road comfort and security. Your Premier LTX tires will maintain quality grip longer than its competition. And even as your tire tread wears down, you will still enjoy enhanced vehicle handling. The advanced EverGrip technology allows superior stopping power on wet roads.

Premier LTX–“Safe When New. Safe When Worn.”

Michelin continues the brilliant engineering of its Premier tire series with the Premier LTX. The Premier LTX is a technologically advanced SUV/Crossover tire that performs better than its competition after extensive tread wear. Your vehicle’s ability to start, stop, and slow down effectively on wet or dry road surfaces begins with your Premier LTX tires. Michelin’s Premier LTX is designed with expanding rain grooves to resist hydroplaning and maintain traction. The Premier LTX uses an EverGrip Compound with sunflower oil, which keeps them flexible in lower temperatures.

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