Michelin Pilot Super Sport

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High performance sport vehicle drivers come to Michelin for the world’s best performing street tire. Professional race cars share the same roads as your sport vehicle. Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport offers you both the same exceptional handling and durability. When traveling at high speeds for an extended period of time, tire tread will be a major concern. The Pilot Super Sport is specially-designed using the high-density fiber Twaron. This durable, multi-faceted material creates grip resistance that allows for tread life that’s twice as long as its closest competitor.

Pilot Super Sport

Professional and amateur speedsters are always “burning rubber,” and traveling at high speeds requires a tire that’s built to last. Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport ensures your vehicle’s exhilarating and safe driving. The superior quality of the Michelin Total Performance standard keeps you equipped with top of the line tires. The Pilot Super Sport maintains your vehicle’s stability with its dual compound tread. New tire technology ensures excellent handling, braking, and even tread wear.

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