Michelin LTX A/T2

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Michelin tires continue to outperform their competition. With a constant eye on safety, durability, and fuel efficiency, Michelin keeps innovating new ways to save you more. That’s saving you more in tire road-life, and in energy efficiency. Michelin’s Total Performance promise keeps them at as the industry’s top-performing tire brand. Michelin is your best option for quality tires, because it’s a brand that’s proven itself over and over. Dependability, safety, and safety are an automatic when you choose a set of Michelin tires. No matter what the season, or the size of your passenger vehicle, Michelin has created a tire to meet your needs.


Your light truck or SUV is built to carry you over a variety of terrains and road conditions. Michelin’s LTX A/T2 is the premium choice for your light truck. Your vehicle needs to perform well uunder the toughest of conditions. The quality LTX A/T2 tire makes that possible and preserves tire tread. Bring your truck off-road and experience a tire model that lasts at least 35% longer than its competition. Because your truck is built for durability doesn’t mean your LTX A/T2 can’t provide comfort.

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