Michelin Latitude Tour

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Are Michelin Tires right for you?

A good quality tire makes a huge difference in your driving experience, but the right tire makes ALL the difference! The Michelin Latitude Tour is the perfect tire for your SUV or Crossover. Just as the purposes for your vehicle may reach off-road terrains or a suburb to city commute, your wheels should be equipped with the same versatility. With the Latitude Tour, Michelin’s engineers have designed an exceptional SUV tire that aids with outstanding fuel efficiency and extends road-life. The Latitude Tour’s performance is matched only by the comfort and stability its handling allows.

Is the Michelin Latitude Tour right for you?

Michelin’s quest for the highest standards in tire performance continues with the Latitude Tour. You can be confident in your tires’ ability to brake efficiently. The wide groove tread and unique rubber compounds help you to stop 5% shorter in wet braking tests. Michelin’s Total Performance strives for and maintains safety, durability, and fuel efficiency for all of its tires. The goal is to always enhance your driving experience with safe, durable, and comfortable tires.

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