Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Suburban Tire in Chicago, IL

Why Michelin?

Michelin tires are perfectly-suited for you and your vehicle’s bottom line. Michelin keeps its tire models outperforming the competition by staying focused on safety, durability, and fuel efficiency. Michelin is a next generation tire provider that ensures quality and protection. Michelin’s Total Performance promise keeps them at as the industry’s top-performing tire brand. Michelin is the best option, because you can trust them. If you value dependability and safety and choose the tires that has always delivered on both counts.

Why the Michelin Energy Saver A/S?

Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S is the ultimate fuel-efficient tires. Tires play a major role in your vehicle’s ability to save money in gas mileage. Equip your wheels with Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S and you’ll get as much as $400 in gas savings for the life of your tires. The innovative engineers at Michelin have designed special tread rubber that keeps your Energy Saver A/S tires cooler, and reducess harmful emissions. Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S maintains a greater stopping distance than its leading competitor without compromising tread wear. Enjoy your Energy Saver A/S for about 16,000 miles longer than the leading competitor.

Why Suburban TIre?

Suburban Tire is your all-purpose premium tire provider. We’ve become the go-to tire shop for the greater Chicago area, equipping your cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs with the safest and most durable tires possible. Our standards for quality tire sales and services go above and beyond customer expectations. If you’re looking for the industry’s best tires, then we’ve been looking for you. Call us today to set up an appointment or just stop in the next time you’re in the area. We look forward to serving you!