Michelin Defender

Suburban Tire in Chicago, IL


Suburban Tire in Chicago is providing drivers the Michelin Defender, the best standard passenger vehicle tire. The Michelin Defender enhances your driving experience with safe and comfortable rides. Your excellent connection to the highway continues through a quiet 90,000 mile journey. The Michelin Defender is an all season tire that promises optimal performance through all road conditions. Innovation and advanced engineering are what extends the road-life of the Michelin Defender.

Michelin Defender

Driving can stressful and dangerous. Increase your total road confidence with a new set of Michelin Defenders. Your Michelin Defender’s MaxTouch Construction and IntelliSipe technology provide tread block rigidity that enhances your vehiclĂ©’s acceleration, braking, and handling. Equip your vehicle with Michelin Defenders that reduce rolling resistance saving you fuel, and maximize safety with superior tread block rigidity.

Suburban Tire

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