Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT

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Why Goodyear?

Goodyear is the automotive industry’s tire expert, a leader in the safety and enhancement of all vehicles through top quality tire manufacturing. Not only are Goodyear tires designed for increased durability, but they can improve vehicle efficiency. The low-rolling resistance technology in Goodyear tires helps you save at the gas pump as well. You can trust the Goodyear brand to make sure your car is equipped for the road. As the Official Tire of Nascar, Goodyear engineers continue to design new ways to keep you on-road, off-road, and in the race.

Eagle RS-A EMT–High-Performance Traction Tire

Goodyear’s Eagle RS-A EMT is the ultimate, handle-it-all tire. Your high-performance vehicle will experience superior handling with its asymmetric tread design. While your vehicle maintains quality traction, its tires will continue its smooth and quiet road travel. The Eagle RS-A EMT uses the latest technology to make your travel much safer and efficient. Its Run On Flat Technology will never leave you stranded, extending your ability to drive to assistance by about 50 miles. Goodyear engineers have designed the ultimate all-season performance tire with the Eagle RS-A EMT.

Suburban Tire

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