Our Forever Warranties on Automotive Repairs

At Suburban Tire Auto Care Centers we understand the importance of standing behind the work we do and the products we sell. Our warranty programs are the best in the business and are easy to understand so there’s no confusion. You can feel confident that the purchase you make today will be covered tomorrow. Behold the best warranty in the business:

Premium Parts Warrantied Forever

The parts we install on your car are warranted by Suburban Tire forever, or as long as you own the vehicle, unless specified otherwise on this warranty chart. For items with a Time / Mileage warranty, the warranty period expires at the time or mileage specified, whichever benefits you most. If a part we installed is defective, or becomes worn out during the parts warranty period, Suburban Tire will give you a replacement part of equal quality to the originally installed part at no charge to you. If the part needs to be replaced during the labor warranty period there will be no charge to install the part, otherwise standard labor charges will apply.

What’s Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover the cost of additional (non-warrantied) parts that may be required to restore the vehicle to safe operating condition. For safety reasons, Suburban Tire must restore the entire component being worked on to its proper operation. If you do not authorize this service, you will receive non-warranted parts that you can have installed elsewhere. Also, this warranty does not cover maintenance items such as fluids, filters, wiper blades or other consumable components that just plain wear out under normal conditions. Nor does this warranty cover items that are damaged in a vehicular accident.

Our wheel alignment warranties do not provide for re-alignment of your vehicle when new parts have been installed by yourself or another company.

Economy Parts Warranty

Sometimes you’ve got a car that you just need to limp along for another year or so and then it’s bye-bye. You don’t want to spend $800 on repairs but you need the car to make it a few more miles. When that’s the hand you’ve been dealt, we don’t want you to go down to the local hack mechanic. We can save you some money by sourcing a “value” part for you that has probably been built by our communist comrades in the Peoples Republic of China. In these cases, a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty will apply to parts and labor.

For more information on our Tire Parts and Labor Warranty Click Here.

“Policies effective as of July 23rd, 2015. Parts purchased and labor completed prior to this date are excluded.”