Suburban Tire – Our Family Business

How It All Started

A Word About Our Family Business

Suburban Tire was founded by Duke Leffler, and is now proudly owned and operated by Duke’s two sons, Steve and Gordon Leffler. Duke passed on in 1990 leaving the business to his sons. For the better part of 22 years, Steve and Gordon worked side by side, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, though blizzards, and tire recalls, and wives. If you’ve got a brother, well you know what that must have been like. As is common in family businesses, the sibling rivalry was not conducive to having fun when the families got together at Thanksgiving. So in 2012 they decided to split Suburban Tire so they could get on with being friends and brothers, instead of wrestling with each other over business matters. Yes, they’re back to being the best of friends now.

Gordon owns the Glendale Heights store, and Steve owns the remaining locations. Though they share a name, a history, a website, and a basic philosophy on how to go to business, as two separate companies they’ve developed mildly different warranty policies. The information shown below is specific to the locations in Roselle, Hanover Park, St Charles, and Oswego that are owned by Steve Leffler. Gordon runs the Glendale Heights store slightly differently, and as a result some of the policies may be mildly different at that store. So give Gordon a call if you have any questions about the warranties at the Glendale Heights store at 630-790-1600